AYSO Region 86 – Laguna Beach Soccer http://ayso86.org American Youth Soccer Organization in Laguna Beach California - Region 86 Thu, 04 Feb 2016 21:04:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Region 86 finds success in All Stars http://ayso86.org/2016/02/04/region-86-finds-success-in-all-stars/ Thu, 04 Feb 2016 05:04:46 +0000 http://ayso86.org/?p=2301 In the recent All-Star tournaments, a pair of girls teams from Laguna Beach came away champions. They beat out all South Orange County competition and now are moving on to the Section Tournament in Garden Grove 2/20 & 2/21.

A few pictures of our girls are below (click on them to enlarge). Congratulations to coaches and players…great job!

GU14 All Star Champions

AYSO Region 86 GU14 Champs

Coaches: Paul Parker and Dave Ship

GU10 All Star Champions

AYSO Region 86 GU10

Coaches: Mike Thomas and Enich Harris


Free Ref Training in January http://ayso86.org/2015/11/13/free-ref-training-in-january/ Fri, 13 Nov 2015 06:51:02 +0000 http://ayso86.org/?p=2286 REGISTER
It’s still a couple of months away, but this is a reminder of The Area 11L January Referee Training Conference January 29-31, 2016 at Laguna Hills High School 25401 Paseo de Valencia, Laguna Hills CA.

We have a full range of referee classes, taught by some of the finest instructors in Southern California. Intermediate or higher referees should consider the Referee Instructor Course.

Remember there is no charge to Referees from Area 11L. Fees are direct-billed to your region.
Saturday Regional Referee Course

Sunday Regional Referee Course

Intermediate Referee Course

Advanced Referee Course

National Referee Course

Referee Instructor Course

Simply click on the course heading to view detailed course and location information, and a student preparation message (for upgrade courses).

Thanks for all you do for AYSO.

Get involved meeting http://ayso86.org/2015/10/11/get-involved-meeting/ Sun, 11 Oct 2015 14:08:46 +0000 http://ayso86.org/?p=2251 Join us This Tuesday evening and find out how you can help.

Date: 10/13
Time: 7 pm
Where: 3251 Rimcrest Circle Laguna Beach

Please RSVP to Jamie at the contact information below.

We, the outgoing Board of Directors for AYSO Soccer in Laguna Beach, are writing to you to ask for your help.
Questions prior to the meeting can be sent to Jamie Henrichsen at rc@ayso86.org, or by ayso86rc@gmail.com.

As you know, Laguna Beach AYSO Region 86 is a completely volunteer run organization. Region 86 was founded in 1975, and this year is celebrating its 40th Anniversary.  We have had many great moments and have helped thousands of local players and families create memories that will last a lifetime.  However, we are writing because we need your help and support so that we can keep the program alive and well for you and your children going forward.


Your current Board of Directors is made up of volunteers, most of whom have been in their positions for years, and either have children that are close to aging out, or have in fact had no children in the program for quite some time. Those people are now stepping down. However, before they do, they are committed to training our next generation of volunteers so that the program is transitioned to our next generation of Region 86 leaders. That’s you.


There are many parts to making Region 86 what it is, from organizing field access with the city, lining the fields, getting coaches and referees trained, to ordering uniforms, to running our All Stars, Spring Select, Extra and Pacific Soccer Club programs, and the list goes on. There are big positions and small ones, all of which need to be filled.


The commitment level ranges from a few hours a year for some positions, to several hours a week for others. You don’t need to have soccer knowledge, just a positive attitude and willingness to help out. We will teach you all you need to know.


We will be holding an informational meeting on 10/13 at 7 pm at 3251 Rimcrest Circle Laguna Beach where we will answer questions and explain the program to you. Please RSVP to Jamie at the contact information below.


It is time for the next generation of parents and volunteers to take the reins so that we can make sure that the Laguna Beach AYSO Region 86 legacy is here in 40 more years when our grandchildren and their children are ready to lace up their cleats.


Questions prior to the meeting can be sent to Jamie Henrichsen at rc@ayso86.org, or by ayso86rc@gmail.com.


This is your time, this is now your program.




Laguna Beach Region 86 Board of Directors

Ref Training Tuesday http://ayso86.org/2015/09/22/ref-training-tuesday/ Tue, 22 Sep 2015 12:27:45 +0000 http://ayso86.org/?p=2246
Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

Yes, that’s the sound of the AYSO Region 86 Urgent Alert Klaxon!

But why is it going off? …

Your child’s AYSO soccer experience depends on the support of volunteers, including our wonderful group of Referees. Above the Under-8 division level, every game played needs a referee crew of three people, and the U8 games each need a single referee as well.

As many of you might have noticed during the first two weeks, we currently have a shortage of referees. The good news is, all of you are potential volunteers, and you can train to be a referee in the next few days without leaving Laguna Beach.

I know what you’re saying now – “That sounds awesome! I do want to help make my child’s soccer experience the best possible, and volunteering as a referee allows me to help out way more than just going to games and cheering. But how can I make this vision a reality this season?”

Thank you for asking such a timely question. Here is what you can do starting right now:
1. Complete an up-to-date online Volunteer Application at www.eAYSO.org (details at bottom).
2. Take the online “Basic Referee” course at www.aysotraining.org (again, details below). This must be completed before step 3.
3. Attend (in person) the Regional Referee Completion Training Course offered tomorrow night! (signup instructions at bottom)

Regional Referee Completion Training Course

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 [TOMORROW NIGHT!]
7 PM to 10 PM
Lang Park Multipurpose room

This course is offered at other times and in other places, but this is likely the only offering that will
be in Laguna Beach this season.

Questions or problems: email r86rra@gmail.com

1. Can youths Referee AYSO soccer? Yes! Volunteers 12 years and older can become Regional Referees, and High School students can earn community service points. High School seniors who refereed can also apply for an AYSO-sponsored scholarship.
2. Do I have to buy any equipment? No! The Region will provide volunteers who complete all the required training and such a kit that includes everything you need: jersey, shorts, socks, whistle, red and yellow cards, two assistant-referee flags, and even a coin to use for the coin toss.
3. Do referees have to work a certain number of games every week? No. You are free to work as many or as few games as you wish. However, your child’s team typically needs to accumulate a number of “referee points” to qualify for postseason Regional or Area tournaments. Encourage other parents to become trained referees to spread the workload!
4. Do referees have to/get to referee their child’s games? Ideally, referees should not work at the games in which their children are playing. However, if there is a shortage of referees for a particular game, parent referees may sign up to referee their child’s game (or step in from the sideline) to ensure full coverage.
5. Do I need to know all the rules of soccer and have on-field experience? No, the referee training is designed so that participants with little to no knowledge of the rules and such can become effective referees.
6. My kid plays at the U12 level, but I don’t feel comfortable at all with trying to referee at this level. Do I have to referee in my child’s division? Great question! The answer is no, you don’t have to referee in your child’s division. While basic referees (“Regional Referees”) cannot work some upper-division games (e.g. U16 or U19), any referees can participate in lower-division games such as U8 or U10. The U10 games provide a good starting point because two assistant referees are needed for every game, and U8 is a great way to get comfortable with the center referee position before (possibly) moving up to higher divisions.
7. Will I immediately have to start refereeing by myself as soon as I pass the training course? No, you have ultimate control over when and where you work games. The Region will also provide Referee mentors by request (of the trainees) to work with you at actual games.
8. Is it fun? Well, I’m sure that some people try refereeing and decide it’s not their cup of tea, but many people who stick with it find it to be rewarding and enjoyable. It’s a different way to contribute to youth soccer (than coaching, for example) which has advantages like volunteer-chosen scheduling, no need to coordinate children or parents, and a well-defined time commitment for each game.
9. Are there any other requirements to referee AYSO? Yes, but they are relative easy. Volunteers will be subject to a background check as part of the Volunteer Application, and there are two additional online courses (“Safe Haven” and “Concussion Awareness”) that all coaches and referees must take before they start working with kids.

The gory details / how-to instructions:

How to apply as a new volunteer and obtain an AYSO ID:
Go to  www.eAYSO.org and log in using your existing Login E-Mail and Password (this is not your AYSO ID). If you don’t have an eAYSO account, you can create one and go from there. Once you are logged in, you should see a link “Apply as a new adult volunteer” in the right column of options. Click on this and fill out all of the required data. Make sure you go through all the way to the e-signature page and “sign” the page by clicking the button. After the Volunteer Application is signed, you will be issued an AYSO ID.

How to use an existing volunteer ID to apply as a volunteer this season:
Go to  www.eAYSO.org and log in using your existing Login E-Mail and password (this is not your AYSO ID). If you haven’t updated your volunteer paperwork this season, click on “Apply as a new adult volunteer” take a few minutes to check and update your application. Information that you filled out the previous time should still be entered into the various fields, so it’s a very fast process. Make sure you go through all the way to the e-signature page and “sign” the page by clicking the button. This is also a good time to write down your AYSO ID.

How to look up your AYSO ID:
Go to  www.eAYSO.org and log in using your existing Login E-Mail and password (this is not your AYSO ID). Once you are logged in, click on “View certification”, then click on “Click here” in the “Certification” column. Your name and AYSO ID will be displayed.
How to find and take the online “Basic Referee” course:
Go to www.aysotraining.org. Enter your AYSO ID and last name, then click on “LOG IN”. In the Referee Training section, click on “START NOW”. This should take you to the “Basic Referee” course website. Be sure to finish the entire course.

How to register for the in-person “Basic Referee Online Companion Course”:
Go to  www.eAYSO.org and log in using your existing Login E-Mail and password. Go to the pull-down menu “My Profile” and choose “Course Signup”. This will take you to the Course Signup page, on which you can search for various courses. Search in Region 86 by setting “Section” to 11, “Area” to “L”, and Region to “86”. Press “Search”, and you should see the
“Basic Referee Online Companion Course” . Select the course by clicking under the check-mark on the left side, then click on the “Course Signup” button and follow the directions. If you are unable to sign up for the course beforehand, please attend, and we’ll figure it out.
Royal Soccer Goalkeeper Training http://ayso86.org/2015/09/15/royal-soccer-goalkeeper-training/ Tue, 15 Sep 2015 12:41:52 +0000 http://ayso86.org/?p=2237 danyop37_FO65830F7646

Royal Goal keeping Soccer Every Wednesday at Moulton Meadows. Contact Royal Soccer for more details or to sign up.

Volunteers Needed http://ayso86.org/2015/07/08/volunteers-needed/ Wed, 08 Jul 2015 14:12:12 +0000 http://ayso86.org/?p=2226 Get involved!

Our AYSO region needs several positions filled in order to make the 2015-2016 soccer season a success for our children.  We are a 100% volunteers organization and we need your help to keep AYSO soccer in Laguna Beach.

How to get started?

To renew or become a new volunteer login or sign up at www.eayso.org.

Positions needed in our Laguna Beach soccer community.

  • Head Coach
  • Referee
  • Field Liner
  • Assistant Coach
  • Assistant Regional Commissioner
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Web Designer/Manager
  • Social media coordinator
  • Sponsor Coordinator
  • Safety Director
  • Child/Volunteer Protection Advocate
  • Regional Coach Administrator
  • Assistant Referee Administrator
  • Secretary

Don’t see a position that fits your skills, but want to help? Contact us.

If you have any questions and are interested in helping our soccer seasons be a success, please e-mail me at rc@ayso86.org.

Thank you,

AYSO 86 Regional Commissioner

Soccer Day – June 6 http://ayso86.org/2015/05/29/soccer-day-june-6/ Fri, 29 May 2015 12:13:23 +0000 http://ayso86.org/?p=2212 Join us for our first soccer day in Laguna Beach at Thurston Middle School. Register for fall and enjoy the show performed by the Futboleros and play some soccer. Bring your soccer shoes and shin guards if you’d like to play.

June 6 at Thurston Middle School

11am – 2pm

  • All Ages Welcome
  • Futboleros Performing
  • Shaved Ice
  • Face Painting
  • bounce house
  • Gift with Paid Registration


Direct from the #LAGalaxy soccer stadium, come out and meet The Futboleros! Known as the Harlem Globetrotters of soccer, The Futboleros are a unique and innovative soccer entertainment company that can be seen at the LA Galaxy home games. They are comprised of highly professional skilled freestylers who perform amazing soccer tricks, while incorporating interactions with their fans. Their freestyle soccer performances consist of extraordinary juggling skills during their high-energy show.



Press Release for our 2015 event

FLEX Extra Tryouts for Fall 2015 http://ayso86.org/2015/05/09/flex-2015/ http://ayso86.org/2015/05/09/flex-2015/#respond Sat, 09 May 2015 11:23:12 +0000 http://themes.premiumpixels.com/classica/?p=215 All players must pre-register before coming to the tryout.
In addition, all players must have registered for the Fall season.
Fall Registration

Where:  Moulton Meadows Park

Bring: cleats, shinguards, an identifiable water, and a sweatshirt. Do NOT bring a ball; balls will be provided.

Monday, May 18
Wednesday, May 20

At the tryout, a parent or guardian must sign a medical release form.

FLEX Extra is a coach driven program, and while it is our goal to have as many age divisions represented as possible, for Fall 2015 the following coaches have stepped forward and been approved to coach Extra teams.  If you do not see the age group of interest, this means we do not currently have an eligible coach.  If you are or know of a willing and eligible coach, please contact the Extra coordinator.

BU9 Jason Reidel/Sean Murray
Players born between 8-1-06 and 7-31-07
Monday May 18th and Wednesday May 20th 5-6 pm at Moulton Meadows.

GU11 Keith Peery
Players born between 8-1-04 and 7-31-05
 Monday May 18th and Wednesday May 20th 4-5 pm at Moulton Meadows.

BU12 Mike Thomas
Players born between 8-1-03 and 7-31-04
Monday May 18th and Wednesday May 20th 4-5 pm at Moulton Meadows.


Learn more about FLEX Extra

Questions can be emailed to extra@ayso86.org.

http://ayso86.org/2015/05/09/flex-2015/feed/ 0
Royal Soccer Camp http://ayso86.org/2015/04/27/royal-soccer-camp/ Mon, 27 Apr 2015 18:23:48 +0000 http://ayso86.org/?p=2193 Royal Soccer, a premier source for private soccer training and coaching based in Laguna Beach, California and is offering soccer camps this summer.

View flyer.

For more information contact:

Royal Soccer


949 878 7389


UK International Soccer Camps are returning to Laguna Beach http://ayso86.org/2015/04/02/uk-international-soccer-camps-are-returning-to-laguna-beach/ Thu, 02 Apr 2015 04:49:19 +0000 http://ayso86.org/?p=2184 UK International Soccer Camps are returning to Laguna Beach

UK Internationals objective is to create the optimal environment in your own community in which children can learn and develop under the guidance of our ‘ultimate soccer educators’.

Coaches, primarily from Great Britain, are selected not only for their knowledge and their coaching ability, but also for their commitment to creating a fun, positive learning environment for the players. The result is a soccer camp experience players will remember for a lifetime.

All camp sessions are based on individual attention to ball skills, as well as fun games to put those skills into practice and develop teamwork. Players are encouraged to express themselves in order to develop confidence and individual creativity on the field.

July 6 – July 10


August 3 – August 7


August 24 – August 28


Check out the camp video!


Hosting a UK International Soccer Coach is a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience as well as being somewhat of a cultural exchange. The similarities and differences of our language, combined with the love of soccer ensures a memorable week and long lasting friendships for everyone. Click below for information or contact Assistant Regional Director, Hannah Shepherd at hannah.shepherd@uksoccer.com 

Click below for information.